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The brand new attraction "The Upside Down House" is situated in Chernomoretz, Bulgaria, right before Gradina camping site. This attraction is something different from the other entertainment spots on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Apart from the house itself the interior of the building is completely upside down. This gives the visitors the possibility to take funny photos where they would look as if they are upside down. The house represents a large family home with a living room, a bedroom, children's room, bathrooms, a library and other rooms.  In the yard of the room we have placed different entertainments like the Running Bicycle Corner, the Sea Bottom Wall and the authentic Diving Helmet. Another part of the entertainments are the Gas Pump which fills in with knowledge, the Round Tennis Table, the Lucky Wheel and many others! In front of the house there is a cafe, where you can enjoy the view and drink a coffee or a beer. We have thought of the children as well - the cafe offers ice cream, popcorn and sugar candy for the youngsters. Right next to the cafe there is an authentic wooden boat, the last one of its kind, where the children can enter and play and pretend to be captains. The upside down house is situated in a green meadow and gives the feeling for vast, but in the same time it is right on the old road between Chernomoretz and Sozopol which makes it easy to be accessed.

Welcome to the Upside down House to have fun like never before!

Lift your mood with the unusual arrangement of the furniture.
Take interesting and fun pictures in this strange situation.
Recharge with knowledge at our special station.
Ride the running bike. Become a diver in the jaws of the great white shark on the 3D wall .... as well as many others.

Drink aromatic coffee or cold beer. Visit a unique entertainment museum, where you will see life from another angle, your perceptions of reality will be reversed, and the world will seem a little disorienting - and therefore even more interesting!

For your convenience, we are open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturday- Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Find us in the town of Chernomorets, the old road to Sozopol / Gradina.
Fun - Guaranteed !!!

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